About Us

Over a decade in getting good results

We’ve been in the SEO and website marketing business for over 10 years, focusing primarily on the gaming and finance markets. We’re also active in fields such as jewelry, counseling and medical services.

Our prime goal since Day One has been to help our clients attract new business by turning web sites into valuable lead-generating tools: sites with high Web visibility and the ability to stimulate higher visitor traffic.

A typical project may well involve blending our skills in search engine optimization with premium content copywriting, social media initiatives, reputation management and other capabilities. Each is an important contributor to the successes that we achieve.

It is primarily this ‘tailoring’ function that sets Traficare apart from many others in our industry. There are no ‘formula solutions’ and each case is determined according to its possibilities and potential. Each case holds the seeds of its success.


Our professional background

Traficare was founded by Michael Steiner, a SEO and online marketing expert. Michael has gained a unique body of experience over many years, serving in key roles in the gaming industry. This experience includes setting up and managing the SEO Department at 888; founding and managing the Trafix agency (involved with SEO technologies development and targeted traffic streaming for gaming sites): serving as SEO Team Leader at Adgency (one of the largest marketing agencies at Playtech); and serving as SEO Team Leader at William Hill Online.

In parallel, Michael and his team have supplied clients with SEO consultancy services and managed affiliate networks specially developed for them. All of the

above methodologies have been regularly updated according to Google’s ‘best practice’ principles.


Some insights into what makes us tick

At Traficare we resolve to satisfy the standards that our clients set for us.

However even more important are the standards that we set for ourselves.

We admit that sometimes it’s a high bar to clear. Getting the details right can be a critical factor in a project – and require a lot of effort. What’s important for us is that, at the end of the day, you get better results online than you’ve enjoyed before.

Here’s how we achieve our goals:

  • Project your identity

    Even if you’re not yet a market leader, you should still talk with authority and confidence. Create everything with a view to showing excellence and giving high value. In this way, your reputation on the Web becomes a unique asset that can be consistently sustained.

  • Make your site visible

    At Traficare we spend time to analyze your business situation and recommend the Internet niche where you can dominate and start to make a difference. Once you rise to the top of that niche, we’ll help you to rise to the top of a larger niche.

  • Diversify your presence

    Under our guidance you’ll find that your appeal in one zone of the Internet is systematically extended to other zones – to professional arenas, social groups, editorial reviews, and more. You also have the insights of knowing what tasks have to be addressed first, second, third, etc.

  • Impress your visitors

    We ‘seed’ the Web with key messages about your enterprise and constantly upgrade according to the feedback that we record. Over time this activity builds a solid body of information that impresses your site visitors and stimulates them towards doing business with you.

Every day we strive to deliver ‘Results above all’.