Traficare is a boutique online marketing agency with the experience, passion and drive to build new sales opportunities for you online.

For over 10 years Traficare has specialized in the SEO and website marketing business, dealing with gaming, finance, jewelry, counseling, medical services and other competitive markets.

Let us show you how the Internet can be maximized to change your reality. Judge us by our skills in applying bold and innovative solutions for your web site.


Our inner drive

One of the first things you’ll notice about Traficare is the standards that we set for ourselves. SEO marketing is a serious and complex business, needing great professionalism and attention to detail. Persistence and dedication makes all the difference – and the difference is Traficare.

Methodical SEO

We follow a carefully planned and executed route to good SEO results – leading to more clicks, more leads and greater business opportunities for you. Like building a strong house, we start with strong foundations and then work upwards.

Ambitious content writing

The key question is ‘what do your website visitors want to read?’ – so it’s all about ‘you’ (customer-centric) and not ‘we’ (client-centric). Well-crafted content that presents clear benefits is harder to write, but it’s worth the effort!

Multi-layered social skills

Many reputations can rise and fall on the Social Web, depending on the skill and sophistication behind the campaign. At Traficare we’ve invested greatly in developing our social media skills – so that that you can build from one success to another.

Objective consulting

A Traficare SEO expert is exactly the kind of person you’ll want to have on your marketing team. He’s spent years enriching his knowledge as well as developing excellent abilities to really learn from your inputs. He shares your goals, while applying a refreshing objectivity to get you there.