social media expert

Job Description

If you’re recognized for helping shape world-class social media campaigns that have increased market space penetration, then consider working with us. As the Social Media leader, you’ll be in charge of creating more high-touch customer experiences that drive community, commerce, and brand advocacy across multiple social media platforms.

Social Media Manager role responsibilities:

  • Research innovations in emerging technologies that enable personalized service across multi-platform customer engagement programs.
  • Monitor our presence across Facebook, Youtube and Twitter in NA and identify any emerging platforms.
  • Monitor customer engagement and identify new ways to activate participation and feedback.
  • Measure the impact of all plans based on various metrics (e.g., online conversations, tonal sentiment, viral impact, search visibility, views, reach, registrations, installs).
  • Reach out to and build relationships with top bloggers and local community groups.

Desired Skills & Experience

  • Passion for using social media channels as a means to communicate with online audiences and deep understanding of what motivates people to engage with brands through various social media platforms.
  • Must have solid experience actually managing and executing consumer social media campaigns.
  • Proven digital experience launching and growing social networking initiatives across online and mobile.
  • Creative and proactive communication skills to move new ideas and enhance company strategic goals.  
  • The right candidate will be comfortable in the Web 2.0 environment, including SEO, SMO, user-generated content, online newswires, social bookmarking and networking sites blogs, micro blogs, forums, video sharing, pod casting, and email distribution.

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