About Us

More than a decade in getting good results

Traficare is marketing agency that focuses on deep targeting via our in-depth reviews, detailed comparison sites and traffic.

Our prime goal since day one has been to help our partners by turning websites into valuable lead-generating tools: sites with high web visibility and the ability to stimulate higher visitor traffic and engagement.

We bring tailored skills and solutions to the table

A typical project may well involve blending our skills in search engine optimization with premium content copywriting, brand comparison, social media initiatives, reputation management and other capabilities.

Each is an important contributor to the successes that we achieve.

It is primarily this ‘tailoring’ function that sets Traficare apart from many others in our industry.

We strongly believe that there are no ‘formula solutions’ and each case is determined according to its possibilities and potential.

Each case holds the seeds of its success.


Behind Traficare is a team of highly skilled people, talented and passionate in the fields of their expertise who constantly strive to meet the fast paced and evolving marketplace.

The company was founded by Michael Steiner, a SEO and online marketing expert.

Over the years he has served in key roles in several industries, including gaming, bringing a wealth of expertise and experience with him.

This experience includes setting up and managing the SEO Department at 888; founding and managing the Trafix agency (involved with SEO technologies development and targeted traffic streaming for gaming sites): serving as SEO Team Leader at Adgency (one of the largest marketing agencies at Playtech); and serving as SEO Team Leader at William Hill Online.

Content Writers

We’ve employed the most talented and creative content writers that know how to keep readers engaged and provide real value.

Developers and Web Masters

Also part of our team are highly experienced developers and web masters that have a range of technical knowledge in the most critical areas.

Business Development

Since we are a diverse and growth-oriented company, we’ve head hunted experts in business development, people with a vision and exceed in developing our people and delighting our partners.


Our analysts and professionals are specialists in their fields, constantly striving to be innovative and exceed in the original needs, quickening business growth whilst making informed decisions on market tactics.

At Traficare we care about our people and in return they constantly deliver “Results above all”


Traficare has invested a lot on using state-of-the art technologies to build unique products for our partners. Our strategies and solutions are tailor made with ‘out of the box thinking’ which will exceed your original needs and quicken business growth.

User-Friendly Sites

We build user-friendly websites with relevant and valuable content which we believe has all the information needed for target users to make more informed decisions.

Full Optimization

We constantly do optimization of our systems across all channels and continue to evolve based on the needs of our partners.

Monetization on What Matters

Traficare is dedicated to make things happen which is why we invest heavily on what really matters in order to deliver real value for money without compromising on quality.

Measured Statistics

Our critical decisions are not just based on what is popular or what is trending but it is technically based on key metrics that every business should measure.

Always Updated

Our next generation technology helps monitor traffic solving any problems that may arise and is responsive and always updated to keep up with this competitive and continuously evolving market, guaranteeing all the hard work is in the forefront.