social media

Building a good reputation on the Social Web

Our work with social networks such as Facebook involves a ‘layered’ approach where you gradually get more involved while we help you understand where best to place your efforts.

It’s a great thing that the Internet today is such a busy social environment. Everywhere you look there’s a place to send a post and read an opinion. But how do you navigate your way? How do you make an impression and build a reputation? Traficare social media experts will guide you.

We have great experience in setting up the right Social Web presence – building a strong and confident corporate profile, promoting brands in a smart way, and contributing the type of useful content that builds interest. Use us to find the groups with the best potential for you.

Traficare’s work includes stimulating discussions, posting comments, uploading videos, creating links and the many other social activities involves. We keep in close contact with the customer’s site visitors, respond to their feedback and watch what’s happening on your competitors’ social sites. We provide detailed and clear reports on all campaign steps, analyze the results analysis and advise on further action required.