premium seo

Empathy, professionalism and dedication to performance

SEO is all about trust and performance: trust that your SEO experts will understand your business environment and goals; standards of performance that will take your online presence to a different level of sales results. This is what drives Traficare.

Action not just talk

The most important quality you’ll find about Traficare’s SEO services is the way in which we get involved in your project – we don’t just rely on fancy talk. From Day One you’ll be impressed at the way we apply our professionalism and proven methodology.

The essentials

Every good SEO company needs to cover the essentials extremely well:

Expertise in competitive markets – understand what is needed to succeed in highly competitive and intense markets.

Visibility – ensure that your potential customers find your web site quickly and in a prime position.

Organic SEO – apply the ‘best practices’ of marketing, advertising, design and programming to ensure that your site performs well in organic search results.

Conversion value and penetration – apply strategies and tactics to help you penetrate your chosen field so that you convert casual interest into real business opportunities.

Content and logic – understand that interesting content and intuitive places to look for information online can make all the difference.

Customer-centric – keep you constantly updated about everything that’s happening in your Web environment

Constant updating – attend major SEO congresses and track online developments to ensure that SEO expertise is ‘state-of-the-art’.

Our work track

Traficare’s measured approach puts you on the correct path to attain your designated business goals:

  • Our first meeting with you serves to gather your inputs and understand your expectations.

    We research your web environment and that of your competitors.

  • We get into your potential customer’s mind-set – keywords used, preferred areas of interest.

  • We develop an ‘Internet penetration’ strategy that defines the area of your field on the web and analyzes your website structure, design, content and coding.
    This includes approaches to enhance the conversion factor of your site

  • There’s a special focus on how joining the Social Web can assist you.

  • We prepare detailed reports about your web site and what tracks to follow in order to achieve greater business effectiveness.

From beginning to end, you’ll find that Traficare is fast, friendly and professional.