ppc management

Getting the right clicks when you pay per click

They say that advertising by the PPC method is a license to print money – for people like Google! That’s very true, because if you don’t know exactly what you’re doing and the best way to act, you’ll drain your budget fast.

Traficare is very careful about PPC campaigns. Our goal above all is to ensure that you get a good return on your investment by using PPC in a smart and educated way. Our skills are based on over 10 years of PPC management experience in getting the most out of every cent you pay.

Key benefits

  • Mapping out your needs and the tactics and strategies to succeed
  • Understanding the competitive strengths facing you
  • Creating effective landing pages that convert into clicks
  • Managing your campaign for increased click-through rates and quality scores
  • Building an individual campaign according to your goals and limitations

Stage 1

We analyze your business, discover your competitors and define your goals.

Stage 2

We select the most appropriate keywords, set the bidding price and prepare landing pages. With the start of the campaign we track your conversion rate and fine-tune the campaign to maximize strengths and minimize weaknesses.

Stage 3

As we run your campaign month by month, we make constant changes in line with viewer response and the need to enhance your click-through rate.

It’s this constant attentiveness and response by Traficare that’s responsible for the high degree of success we achieve with our PPC clients.