mobile apps seo

Effective SEO for Mobile Apps

Traficare has a strong understanding of the special challenges facing the promotion of mobile apps and the highly competitive web environment in which they are found. We get mobile apps found and noticed on the Web.

We blend our expertise in website promotion with our knowledge of mobile applications and the mobile Internet to achieve excellent results in Organic SEO campaigns. We’ve gained major success in stimulating the downloading of new mobile applications.


Our work processes include:

  • Understanding the mobile application and the needs of its target audience
  • Analyzing the expressions and keywords of those applications
  • Reviewing the competitive and business environment
  • Optimizing the application in two business arenas
  • Producing reports, monitoring progress and repeating optimization

To take SEO activity to another level, we also go beyond the existing application arena. We build mini sites for the application and then apply organic SEO for those sites. The result is a mobile app that gains wide exposure on the Internet, is seen in the right places and is downloaded.