media buy

Media selection, banners, landing pages and more

When to buy, where to buy, what to say, how often? All these are questions that Traficare asks and answers during our Internet media buying service for you. It’s a confusing world out there with many choices and options.

Getting started

We first establish that the time is right for you to undertake a paid media campaign on the Internet. We discuss your advertising budget. We check potential advertising sites and their potential value for you.

The right advertising tool

Next we select what type of advertising vehicle is best for you. It can be a banner, paid inclusion in a online product catalog, a landing page or other advertising tool. It’s a consultative process that we follow with you.

Shaping the budget

Now’s the time to work out the most efficient buying package for your available budget. We shape the media plan which also shapes your budget.

The right creative messages

With the target media in place and the price agreed, we can move to the creative side and work on the marketing messages with you that will have the greatest impact.

Continuous testing

We also develop a ‘series’ of messages so that we can constantly test Copy A versus Copy B, then Copy B versus Copy C to find which creative combination attracts the best response from customers.

Media buying with Traficare is a constant process that undergoes many refinements. We never stop looking for a better way to encourage customer reaction.